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vibroacoustic Therapy

Experience full body immersive, neurological entrainment using sound, light, frequency & vibration

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IFS Counseling

Build awareness, connectedness and relationship with ALL of your parts. Learn how to understand and heal addiction, anxiety and depression.

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Somatic Movement Therapy

May help release tension, stress, and trauma stored in your body resulting in more ease, flow and confidence in your own skin

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What is Somatic Dance/Movement

who is masha...

About Me

Hello Love!. So grateful you took time to visit my space.

I'm a certified, holistic health coach and an ex yo yo dieter myself who finally found peace and harmony within my body in my late 30's, my mind and building a better connection with my soul each and every day while teaching others to do the same.

My mission is to empower other women to feel sexy in their clothes, confident in the bedroom and love their reflection no matter what.

I strongly believe in a deep connection between our gut and our brain, daily meditation enthusiast, facilitator of a somatic movement practice, lover of nature and all living things, proponent of doing less and being more, and remember love, 'I'm not your healer or guru, YOU ARE!’

Masha has a very calming presence and voice. I felt at ease and at peace. What I took away from this experience is to take more time to listen to my inner child and be more accommodating to what my body is wanting/needing instead of fighting the current- especially during certain time frames in my cycle.



what is

vibroacoustic therapy + its benefits

"I loved going thru Masha’s program. I learned how to listen to myself, how to understand deeper patterns of my attitude towards food. I have received so much helpful knowledge that I can use in my life any time I come across the situation about my body image. The perception of my body images has shifted to a kinder and loving approach. I highly recommend this program."



Experience & Education


Internal Family Systems (IFS) certified counselor




certified facilitator of the movement

The Movement Experience by Erika Linae

certified international health coach

International Association of Health Coaches

certified integrative nutrition health coach

Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

Cloudy Forest


*free 10 min body scan audio

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